eBay Liquidation Sale Update

The first round of our Liquidation Sale on eBay will be closing this weekend.  Most of Saturday’s auctions will begin closing around 3 p.m our time (Eastern Standard Time) / 12 p.m. (Pacific).  Sunday’s bidding will begin closing around 2 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time) / 11 a.m. (Pacific).   Most auctions are scheduled to end within 1-2 minutes of each other.

Saturday’s first round of auctions include  our remaining May Series Basket Combos (Full size and Miniature Collector’s Club) along with a few May Series fabric liners and accessories.  The 1994 Lilac Basket is signed by 10 Longaberger Family Members!  There are also a few Large Easter Basket Combos and a 2005 Large Strawberry Basket with a Red lid and Red UPsplints.

Sunday’s auctions have some of the original Longaberger Homestead accessories for the J.W. Miniature Collectors Club baskets including Mini Cakes, Utensils, Pies (Apple and cherry), Market Groceries, French Loaf and Milk Bottle, Easter Eggs and Mini Ears of Corn.  Sunday’s auctions will also include 11 of the J.W. Miniature basket and a Classic Stain Hostess File Basket.  The Miniature Market Basket is signed by Dave, Wendy and Jerry.

If you haven’t placed your bids yet, there’s no time like the present.  Our selling ID   is (porchswingmemories).


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