Raising Organic Family Farms Scholarship

As some of you know, our daughter hopes to be an organic farmer someday.  She will be leaving next week to start a 9 month training program at Michigan State University.  If you could take a minute to read her story and vote for her, we would really appreciate it.  There are also some other great stories on the site that you might like to read while you’re there.

Lundberg Farms has introduced new scholarship/grant opportunities for aspiring organic farmers.  Most of these scholarships are awarded by a committee like a traditional scholarship.  However, they’ve just added a the “Farm Favorite”  grant which will be awarded to the story with the most votes.

Please follow the link, read the story and  then click the “thumbs up” or “like icon to vote.

” She is a first rate lady who cares about God and  bringing organic produce to her community.” (Quote from a friend :0)



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