New & Restocked ~ December 2011



  • Longaberger 1991 Yuletide Traditions Basket combo (Red) and 2001 Shining Star Christmas Basket Set
  • Longaberger WoodCrafts Shining Star American Holly Decal Lid
  • Woven Traditions Classic Blue Pottery:  Large Pasta Bowl and Small Pasta Bowls (USA)
  • WT Butternut Large Pasta Bowl
  • Longaberger Fabric Liners:  2003 CC J.W. Mini Easter, American Holly Shining Star and Hostess Shining Star,  Shining Star in American Pride, Pastel Plaid Handle Gripper, Cottage Trellis Large Vegetable, and Old Glory Small Canister

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  • Longaberger Liners: Heritage Green Cake,  Cottage Trellis Medium Market,  12 Days of Christmas Tall Tissue,  Pumpkin Patch Tote, Butternut Little Market, Paprika Small Work Load, Ivy Clip Keeper, Garden Splendor Address and Recipe, Vintage Ticking Small BIN Bottom and Large Catch All, and Imperial Stripe Handle Gripper
  • Plastic Protectors:  Chip N Dip and Medium Canister
  • Longaberger Baskets:  1998 Collectors Club 25th Anniversary Flag Magazine Basket Combo
  • Longaberger Lids, Tie-Ons and Miscellaneous:  Classic 2001 Shining Star Lid, Warm Brown Blue Ribbon Mending, 1999 Horizon of Hope Tie-On and Mini Chocolate Nut Cake for JW Miniature Cake Display



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