New & Restocked ~ December 2010


  • GooseBerry Patch Christmas Cookbook and Recipe Cards
  • Rare Vera Bradley Garment Bag in the Animal Kingdom Print
  • 1999 Love Letters Sweetheart Basket Combo
  • Longaberger 2004 Hostess Ficus Basket
  • 1992 J.W. Collection Cake Basket Complete Combo


  • Vera Bradley Mod Floral Blue Good Book Bible Cover SOLD OUT
  • GooseBerry Patch Online Organizer (old style)
  • Longaberger Foundry Ficus Stand
  • 2nd Edition Wrought Iron Mug Tree Stand
  • Longaberger Round Sewing Basket with Stand
  • Longaberger “At Home Garden” Wall Vase Basket with WI Hanger
  • 2001 Shining Star WoodCrafts Lid
  • WT Ivory 9 x 13 Pottery Baking Dish (USA)
  • Classic Blue Crocks:  1 Quart Utensil and 2 Quart Pickling (both US made)
  • Longaberger Traditional Red Hostess Soup Tureen Set in Original Box
  • Christmas Tree Decorative Basket Lid Knob


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