Newsletter ~ April 2009

Views from the Porch Swing
April, 2009
Spring has Sprung!

Remember the saying “April showers bring May flowers”?  I’m wondering what April snow will bring.  Hopefully, Many More Beautiful May flowers ;0)

But before we get too far into this month’s newsletter, I’d like to thank you, our faithful readers, for your continued loyalty.  We recently received a nice note of recognition from our email provider naming us a 2008 Constant Contact All Star.  ~ Thank You

Colorful Chocolate Pretzel Treats
These little treats make a colorful and easy addition to any party or shower.  Arrange your favorite pretzels on a greased cookie sheet with a chocolate kiss in the center of each pretzel opening.  Place in a warm oven until the kisses become soft.  Remove from oven.  Gently push a colorful chocolate candy into the center of each kiss so that the kiss touches the sides of the pretzel.  Allow to cool completely and enjoy!

(Hint:  Use pastel colored candy for baby or bridal showers, and bolder primary color candies for parties.)

Vera Bradley Outlet Sale
In our last newsletter, we said that we would provide our Vera fans with more information and some links about the upcoming Outlet sale, so here you go…

Sale Dates: Wednesday, April 29 – Sunday, May 3

Outlet Sale Information
Frequently Asked Questions about the sale

We are in no way affiliated with or endorsing the Vera Bradley Outlet sale, and only post this information for those that have asked.

Also, some of you have asked if we will be at the sale.  We will not.  The terms of the sale state that items purchased are not to be traded or sold, and we will respect these terms.  We do hope that those who do attend will have a Great Time and find some special additions to your collections!


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