The 16th Bentley to be the Last

Dear friends and fellow Longaberger collectors,

Wednesday night J. Phillip, Inc., publishers of the Bentley Guide for Longaberger Collectors, sent out an email newsletter informing subscribers that they will no longer be doing a print version of the guide.  While we will miss getting new print editions of the guide, we would encourage collectors that have not signed up for Bentley’s online service to consider doing so.  We still feel that the guide is an invaluable tool for collectors, and according to the email, J. Phillip will continue online services and updates.

If you haven’t ordered the printed version and would like to have one, now would be a great time to order.  The 2008 / 2009 guide is being offered for $17.95 plus shipping directly from the publisher, while supplies last.

Thank you to the crew  at J. Phillip for printing a great guide for 16 years!

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