April 2008 ~ Newsletter

Welcome to April!  Spring is finally starting to peak at us just a little bit here in Michigan, and we couldn’t be more pleased.
 Please be sure to scroll to the bottom of the newsletter to see this month’s coupon and sale items.

Changes Coming Soon

http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=00195InVg1teaQ0-NOnmFmpAc3Q-DTkm7hQP_OPMH-8n35LOFaajq30mbjSDK3wIrFC0LIHwqipOtNlAlZR_psQBFV3cqN7-nYo4SYlm2YcDKfRjPDo3vADCAMFKZNg2lUF2d_teSvPIVdwoMfls4cHyRuD83nsPR35jOGbjMbw4p4msZaQYnVajFbWgtK96h6mOur designers are the best, and we’ve asked them to give the website a new look.  We’re not sure how long it will take, but we hope it will be ready soon.
The “freshened up” site will have a lighter/brighter look with easier navagation and a less cumbersome checkout system.
We will send out a special email to all of our subscribers when we get closer to opening the site to the public.


Measuring Baskets 

http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=00195InVg1teaTz2aVOfaD68dbp_EMT4PF3T-YVRGe4FPxOe2MZMWcNOZxY_I-qwMmpvLL24ZawBLOeINIXHarNCoW5hB_tciqNvXwIZevkjFMhOeGE_m2MSb3Elzn7sJG05CiWVe53zl-F8jVEHRDZURJUu9Pig0mCNE_lXCLnNYo=We have had quite a few inquiries lately from people asking how to measure their Longaberger baskets.  If you’ve forgotten the name of your basket, and you are trying to find the right accessories to fit, you’ll want to check out this helpful info.

Sneak Peek

http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=00195InVg1teaRg0led4W4ADb3Z9NopnDtWuJS-oB1Vx3c0xZg_aRmzkS116OxnAfp6_w86kTa-K3FdiJj2m3XdfSPoDLE7fPLmFm-fDe4KYlPH66hqmnk5-Z4hBt7KEOUe7iSfoHC9V788jzoXV07g8J6Gvl9rnfY6mWopHqMzH44uJ8JGwpi29w==We have so many new items that they can’t all be listed here, and we’re not sure we will be able to get them all on the website this month, but we’ll give it our best effort.  So here a just a few of the goodies we have in store for you:   Longaberger Wrought Iron Hostess File Basket Stand;  J..W. Gathering Basket Combo;  Lots of Liners; Classic Blue Quiche Dish;  Woven Traditions Soap/ Lotion Dispensers and much, much more.
Check the Blog for updates on New and Restocked Products…


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