Measuring Your Baskets

We have had quite a few inquiries lately from people asking how to measure their Longaberger baskets.  If you’ve forgotten the name of your basket, and you are trying to find the right accessories for it, you’ll want to check this out.

First, you will  measure the length and width of the woven part of your basket.  These measurements should be taken from the top.  Then measure the height (not including handles if there are any). Some baskets use the same form, but have different handle configurations.

The magazine basket would be a good example.  It was the same size but was available with a single handle, a single handle and lid or  with two swinging handles which would require different liners.  Of course, there are many other baskets to which this would apply also, such as the cake, pie,  market and so on.  When in doubt, be sure to ask a seller for more information about the accessory your considering.

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