November Newsletter

We pray that you will have a very blessed Thanksgiving with friends and family this year.

Thanksgiving Day Proclamations

We probably all know about the Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving, but have you ever read some of the Thanksgiving proclamations issued by our Founding Fathers?The first proclamation was issued by the Continental Congress in 1777 followed by several others. All of them are filled with the voice of people that were truly thankful for this great nation and the principles upon which it was founded.   If you’d like to read some of them, you can visit the Pilgrim Hall Museum website.

Or maybe you’d like to read what our first president, George Washington, had to say about Thanksgiving.   We have such a rich history.  I hope that you’ll enjoy reading more about these wonderful proclamations and maybe share some on Thanksgiving Day.

Longaberger Online

Last month we were excited to tell you that Longaberger had opened websites for all of i’s consultants, so that customers can order current catalog items and pay online without hosting a party.

Well, it just keeps getting better.  At some point during the month of November, they are going to open up the Homestead and Factory store for online shoppers.  You no longer have to be a consultant to take advantage of this great shopping opportunity.  And your consultant should still get credit for the sale!

Of course, we have our own favorite consultant, and would like to invite you to view her new website ~~~

Sneak Peek

We will be sending out a special  “After Thanksgiving” promotion for those that are signed up to receive the promotional emails.  This promotion will be going out on November 26th and will not be announced anywhere else, so please watch for it!Here’s a sneak peek at some of the new and restocked products we will be adding this week:

  • Hostess Only Soup Tureen in Classic Blue (Mint in the Original Box)
  • Longaberger Umbrella Basket and Stand (to be restocked on November 1)
  • Longaberger Pottery Ivory Canisters.
  • J.W. Mini Accessories for the Baskets and Pottery.
  • Founder’s Basket Lid
  • Brownie Basket Set
  • Longaberger Lamp Shades  
  • Stay tuned for more.  We’d better get listing!



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