October Contest Results

Thank you to all that participated in our October contest!  You all did a great job, and we hope that you had fun. 

Congratulations go out to Melissa from Pennsylania!  She was the first person to respond with the correct answers, and chose the Mulled Apple Cider Candle from our Calico Candle department as her prize.  Way to go, Melissa!

This month’s winner will receive their choice of any Calico Candle we have in stock.  That’s right!  The winner gets to pick her prize from any of these great looking (and smelling) candles.

The first person to provide the correct answers to all of the questions in this month’s contest is the winner**.  We’ve tried to make the contest easy and fun for everyone, so it’s short and sweet.  And all of the answers can be found on our website or blog.

After the winner has been verified we will post the correct answers and the winner’s name to the blog.  

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All of the answers can be found on our website (www.porch-swing-memories.com) in the informational pages, or on our blog (www.porchswingmemories.wordpress.com).


What are the names of our Amish Basket makers?      Jacob and Rachel

Dave & Tami

Levi & Ida

Jacob & Rachel

Fred & Ethel

How many bananas are used in the recipe for “Bob’s Blueberry ~ Banana ~ Oat Bread”?  3






Longaberger held it’s first ever Basket Fest in Michigan. What is the name of the venue that hosted the event? 
Greenfield Village   

Greenfield Village (The Henry Ford)

Macinaw Island

Kellogg’s Cereal City USA

The Palace of Auburn Hills


Who was the Founder of the Longaberger Basket Company? __________ Longaberger :0)  Dave






See I told you it would be short and sweet. We hope you had fun!

Remember that we will post the correct answers along with the name of the winner on our blog. And if you have any ideas for future contests, please pass them along.


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