Update to October Newsletter

It looks like the Longaberger online shopping is working now.  Enjoy! 

Hi, Everybody,

 Here are a couple of quick updates on the October newsletter that went out yesterday:

  1. Longaberger was supposed to have the consultants set up with individual websites yesterday.  These sites will allow people to place orders and pay online through Longaberger.  Well, they seem to be having some technical issues, and most of the sites and links are not working.  (It must be a huge undertaking to get that many sites working at the same time!)The link posted in the newsletter is the correct link, and we’ll keep an eye on it to let you know when it is working.  
  2. I forgot to mention the sale categories on our site for the month of October.  The 10% off categories are protectors, tie-ons and odds and ends.

Thanks for your patience!  If you haven’t subscribed to our monthly newsletter it’s not too late.  We send out the current newsletter to new subscribers within 24 hours.


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