January 2007

We hope that you had a Happy Christmas and New Year and are now ready to snuggle in for winter.

Looking Ahead in 2007


Finding ways to meet the needs of our customers is one of our top priorities for the year ahead. We’ve already had some suggestions from customers about changes that they would like to see on the website.

Some of you would like us to add a Wish List similar to a gift registry so that you can save your favorite items for future reference or forward it to a potential gift-giver. We’ve also heard that some would like to refer family and friends that may not be comfortable with creating an account in order to shop on the site. And still others, would like more informational pages that would allow us to archive past newsletters, and to have a page dedicated to the recipes that have been shared.

While we are working to implement some of these changes, we’d love to hear more of your ideas. So please, feel free to email us with your suggestions.

Porch Swing Memories Home…

Sneak Peak~ New Items


Here are just a few of the new items that we will be adding to our online store in the next week or two:

*The Longaberger 3 Quart Roaster with the 2002 Easter Basket Combo.

*A complete collection of Longaberger J.W. Collectors Club Miniature Baskets.

*More signed Longaberger Baskets.

*Some new Amish Folding Star Potholders and baskets.

New Items…

January Savings


Back by Popular Demand (just had to say that)…We’re extending the December “Pick Your Discount” sale for the entire month of January:

Are you tired of fighting your way through the busy mall, but the thought of paying for shipping is a real turn off? Then maybe the Free Shipping Coupon is for you.

Maybe you’d rather have a Percentage taken off your order, or Set Dollar Amount Discount?

It’s your choice. Just check out the details in the coupon section at the end of this month’s newsletter…

In closing, I’d like to thank those that have been faithfully praying for our family during my father’s illness. Dad went home to be with the Lord on December 18, 2006 after a short struggle with brain cancer. We are continually thankful for God’s perfect timing in all of this.


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